Jason A. Wallace

Writer-Director-Graphic Artist

JASON A. WALLACE is a Writer/Director in the Psychological Thriller/Horror genre. A southern California kid, he received his B.A. in film production from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and made it to LA in 2000. Working as a graphic designer/artist he began teaching himself to write scripts and got his foot in the door  by working as a Production Assistant on major studio films, in miniature SFX houses and minor studios until he was ready to start making his own projects. Enrolling in Pilar Alessandras writing course (On The Page) gave birth to the feature script, "The Ice Cream Man". Several short films and festivals later he finished his 1st feature film ( THE DAY I DON'T REMEMBER ) in 2014 and won a Best Narrative Feature award for it. With a dozen feature scripts now, he has his eyes set on making the Psychological Thriller/Horror genre one to put his stamp on. His 2015 short film, "The Full Walrus" (Now availible on Tales of Horror anthology series by Harvest Moon Motion Picture and Television) has gathered him some very supportive press from the likes of Dread Central, Modern Horrors and Icons of Horror. Jason has also been named one of the top 25 short Horror film makers to watch. He is currently developing his 2nd feature ( THE ICE CREAM MAN ) beginning 2016 along with other projects.

2016 Director reel 

2015 Director reel 

2014 Director reel 

Kye's Montana Commercial

2011 Motion Graphics 

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Jason has been named one of the top 25 horror short film makers of 2015




 The Full Walrus was part of Havest Moon Motion Picture & TV anthology series, Tales of Horror on Vimeo. (Episode #2)